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PureSRO PVP event's and Best PVP events will be Random choice between players 

from here you can check who is register and who will play vs who

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Day/Event Best STR Best INT Best CH Best EU Best PVP Tournament

Reg : 8:30


Reg : 8:30


Reg : 8:30


Reg : 8:30


Reg : 8:30


Reg : 8:30


How to Start at PureSRO
just watch this video hope you enjoy

Thank you Regent for this video

How to Create D13 Items 

Watch the next video to learn how to create your D13 items

PureSRO Latest Unique Spawn Point

PureSRO Prices by Points from Donate page

Skype : puresro2013

Phone : 01062980601

Email : Kotsh23@gmail.com

Price With Points
1,000 PureSilk
6,000 PureSilk
13,000 PureSilk
+10 Weapon D14
+10 Full Set+Accs D14
+16 Weapon D14 no Adv
+16 Full Set+Accs D14 No Adv



السعر بالجنية المصري ان شاء الله :)

Skype : puresro2013

Phone : 01277975678

Email : Kotsh23@gmail.com

1,000 PureSilk
10 l.e
6,000 PureSilk
50 l.e
13,000 PureSilk
100 l.e
+10 Weapon D14
30 l.e
+10 Full Set+Accs D14
100 l.e
+16 Weapon D14 no Adv
80 l.e
+16 Full Set+Accs D14 No Adv
500 l.e



1. All people are equal!
2. Everyone has the right to the truth.
3. You have the right to get a replacement for mistakes caused by our part.
4. You have the right to tell your own opinion.
5. You have the right to make suggestions.
6. You have the right to report anyone.
7. Everyone has the right to play the game as he want, as long the rules are respected.
8. You can ask the Staff Members any questions as long it's not completely useless.

Hello PureSro Players..

Game Rules..

(A)-Builds Rules..

1-Heuksal-Cold-Force At Best "INT" PvP Event (Not Allowed)

2-Heuksal-Cold-Fire (Hyper) At Best "INT" PvP Event (Not Allowed)

3-Bicheon-Cold-Force At Best "INT" PvP Event (Not Allowed)

4-Bicheon-Cold-Fire (Hyper) At Best "INT" PvP Event (Not Allowed)

5-Pachoen-Cold-Force At Best "INT" PvP Event (Not Allowed)

6-Pachoen-Cold-Fire (Hyper) At Best "INT" PvP Event (Not Allowed)

7-Warlock-Cleric At PvP Events (Not Allowed)


B-Skills Rules..

1-Burning Shield For "STR" Builds At PvP Events (Not Allowed)

2-Bless Spell For "STR" Builds At PvP Events (Not Allowed)

3-Irons At PvP Events (Not Allowed)

4-Reflect At PvP Events (Not Allowed)

5-Snow Shield For "STR" Builds At PvP Events (Not Allowed)

6-Vital Increase At PvP Events (Not Allowed)

7-Bloody Thunder Storm For "STR" At PvP Events (Not Allowed)


D-Things that shouldn't be used during play

1-Insult In Global Chating (Not Allowed)

2-Boting Then Go Afk At Uniques Spot (Not Allowed)

3-Share Buffs With Out Cap At PvP Events (Not Allowed)

4-Spam In Global Chating (Not Allowed)

5-Annoyed officials At Events (Not Allowed)

6-Selling Items for money for players (Not Allowed)

7-Change Items of PureSro to any other games (Not Allowed)

8-Breach officials At Events (Not Allowed)

9-Give your items to any player to play them (Not Allowed)

10-Ballon's , Scroll's , 10K (HP/MP) OR Abs Scroll 30%/20% At Events (Not Allowed)

11-Exchange Bug At PvP Events (Not Allowed)

12-Stall Bug At Uniques (Not Allowed)

Thank you for reading the rules of PureSro...

PureSro Team..

Have Fun.


1- after login to your account on PureSro go to Vote4Coins
بعد تسجيل الدخول اذهب الى صفحة التصويت “فوت” ـ
2- click on the site With TimeLeft 00:00:00 (It’s mean you didn’t vote for last 12H)
اضغط على الموقع التصويت الذى تريده او المتاح اليك
3- Now you have to wait till Counter finish Check the next Picture
يجب عليك الانتظار انتهاء الوقت الذى باسفل موقع التصويت قبل الضغط على زر التصويت
4- After voting wait till PureSRO Site loading and back you to the vote page again
بعد الضغط على زر التصويت انتظر اعادة التوجية الى مواقع التصويت
5- Now after you done all votes and you when you got 300 Vote Points Go to PureSRO Game and Talk to Kotsh and write vote in Privet chat Like that $Kotsh vote (Check the next Picture to understand more)

بعد الحصول على 300 نقطة من التصويت سجل دخول فى اللعبة وتحدث الى Kotsh وقول له Vote

6- Now you done Kotsh will tell you that’s you have convert your 300 Vote points to 1000 PureSilk
بعد ذالك سوف يقوم النظام بتحويلك اللى المدينة واعطائك 1000 بيور سيلك
7- Check your inventory and you will find them :)


To Get the points you have to Join the rank first


Quests Points >

Zerk Quests Baron , Captian etc .. (100 > 300 Points each)
Hunter/Thief Temple Quests (50 > 100 Points each)
Titans, Cool Speed and Vigor Quests (10 Points each)
JC/LC , 10k HP/MP and LuckyBuff Quests (20 Points each)
Uniques Killers Quests (50 Points each)


Uniques Points > 

This Points for Normal Uniques Only (Not Titans)
Tiger Girl > 5 Points
Cerbus and Ivy > 7 Points each
Uruchi and Isy > 10 Points each
Lord Yarakan > 17 Points
Demon Shiatan > 20 Points
Medusa > 30 Points
King Roc > 100 Points
Seth, Isis and Eris > 70 Points each
Sphinx, Horus, Bone Roc and Neith > 50 Points each
Arabia Uniques > 50 Points each
White Knight > 50 Points each
Havoc And Hannibal > 100 Points each

Best PvP events (STR,INT,EU,CH,PVP)

Rank 1 > 500 Points
Rank 2 > 300 Points
Rank 3 > 150 Points

Tiriva Event 

100 Point per Correct Answer

Voting System

If you converted 300 Vote Points You get 100 Points


Job System

When you done deliver trade from Town to Town You will get Random Amount of points
depends on how long so far

Rules, Banreasons and Bandurations

1. Botting is allowed , IP-Limit for max. 10 Accounts.
3. Be friendly and try to act mature.
4. Items selling for real money is strongly forbidden as from now, if we catch you we will perma ban your whole accounts.
5. Gold selling and buying is forbidden (Could lead you to a perma IP ban)
6. For Trades, you can ask GMs for being Middleman so you can't become scammed.
7. Do not advertise for other sites/servers.
8. No Spam in Global or PM (If you spam a GM you will be banned).
9. Do not Insult.
10. Multi Clients are allowed (max. 10).
11. Do not beg for events, items or plvl.
12. Impersonating will end in a permanent IP block.
13. You are not allowed to go to the Fortress War with multiple Chars!
14. Do not abuse any bug or use hacks! (Bots / Petfilter are allowed (check rule 1))
15. We take the right to ban and delete your account at any time.
16. Cheating at Job Quests or Trades (killing the own chars / Trades etc.) is forbidden
17. Do not cheat at the CTF-Event (multichars or joining a party from the opponent team)!
18. If you disconnect while you are at Medusa we will not teleport you back!
19. Multi-Accounting in our Forum is forbidden!
20. Outside buffs in PvP are not allowed!
21. Account trading & selling is strongly forbidden as from now, if we catch you we will perma ban your whole accounts.
22. You can't open buff accounts or boting at Uniques Area/Spots

Server Stats

  • PlayerOnline: 842 /1000
  • SupportOnline: 0 /1

Server Info

  • Cap 130
  • Degree 14
  • EXP/SP 150x
  • PT Exp 200x
  • Gold/Drop 10x
  • Start Items Yes
  • Start Gold/SP Yes
  • Vote System 1000 PS/24h
  • Tradegoods Enabled
  • Magic-Pop Disabled
  • Alchemy Rate 4x
  • Max Weap Opt. +27 (with Adv.)
  • Max Set Opt. +22 (with Adv.)
  • Max Acc's Opt. +25 (with Adv.)

Lottery Winner

  • Day: 30/3/2017
  • Round: 35
  • Name: LaughOutLoud
  • Tickets he Pay: 25
  • Tickets he Won: 266 (x50B)


  • Time: 15:21:46
  • Fortress:
  • FTW Register: Friday 07:00 - 19:00
  • CTF:
  • Trade Event(x2) (13:00-15:00)(18:00-20:00)(22:00-23:00)



Easy Uniques
Hard Uniques
Arabia Uniques


  • Phone: 01062980601
  • Phone: 01277975678
  • Skype: PureSRO2013
  • Email: Send Mail