New Job War System
Hello PureSRO Players!

There is New system for make more FUN

Now you can gain Silk per Kill when you wear job suit

You can Buy :

-New Avatars

-Accadmy Scroll

-New Things will Reless Soon

Have Fun Please :P

skype: PureSRO2013

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New FTW Day Time
Hello PurSRO!

There is new Day for FTW ( Monday )

Register time will be : 10 : 12 AM GMT +2

FTW Time will be : 1 : 3 PM GMT +2

This Times for who cant open at Friday FTW

Have Fun!

if there is any problems you can add my skype

Skype : PureSRO2013

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PureSRO Online
Hello PureSRO

If there is any problem just add my skype and say it

Skype : puresro2013

if you have any idea for event or edit in game

you can type it on game group on facebook

Good Lucky every one and Please Enjoy :P

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Merry Xmas Brothers/Sisters
Hello PureSRO Players ,

Merry Xmas i wish all will be fine and enjoy

There is event Donate x2 on PS donate

if there is any problem you can add my skype

skype : puresro2013

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White Elephant Pet Updated
Hello PureSRO Members ;)

Now you can Trade by White Elephant pet

HP : 2,000,000 Now !

any Problem add my skype : Puresro2013

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PureSRO Lovely Star Event
Hello PureSRO <3

There is new event calling PureSRO Lovely Star

Great Rewards there too for more info check Facebook Group

and there is new Title too for More fun

and Hotan Trader back to work again ;)

any Problem you can add my Skype : PureSro2013

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JC Coins Drop
Now you can collect JC Coins from Uniques

Unique ISIS

Unique Neth

Unique Anubis

Unique [GM]Fahd

Unique [GM]Kotsh

and others too

Posted at 23/10 02:36 by
Your Events
Hello !

You can help by add new idea for event

you can type it on PureSRO Group at facebook

or on our Forums

Thats will be Great for us too :)

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Happy Eid
Happy Eid

Now you can donate and take 2x of what you donate for

this offer working for 4 days

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Welcome TO PURE Silkroad Online
Hello Guys

This is PURE Silkroad Online Private Server

We Offer you best gameplay and stable here

give us a try

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Server state:
Server is currently Online
Players online:
Pure Gaming: 718 / 1000
Server info:
Client Version: 1.231
Exp Rate: 250x
Party Exp Rate: 380x
Gold Drop Rate: 500x
Drop Rate: 30%
Alchemy Rate: 75%
Back Links: