New Best Job Rank
Hello PureSRO <3

Now we have new system calling best Trader, Hunter and Thief Rank

Now you can gain 8 AC and 8 Bil Gold by Trades 5*

Thief Take 3 AC and 3 Bil Gold if stole 4* +

Hunter Take 3 AC and 4 Bil Gold if He done Trade 5*

For more info add my skype : puresro2013

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New PVP System

There is new system calling Best PVP Player.

when you kill 50 or more at pvp you gain points,

after random time the system will check for who have the most points.

The Winner will take 25 arena coins and Best PVP player title.

Have Fun please.

Any problem call me on skype. ( PureSRO2013 ).

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Normal Uniques drop arena coins
New Arena Drop

Now you can gain arena coins from normal uniques like

Cerberus,Uruchi,Isy drop 5 AC

Lord Yaraken 7 AC

Demon Shaitan 10 AC

Queen Medusa 15 AC

Have Fun !

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Best unique killer system
new unique system

if you killed 200 uniques

you will win 3000 pure silk

you will take Best Unique Killer

you can check your points at > Ranking > Last Unique

more info on puresro group page at facebook

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Trade rate increase 50%
Hello PureSRO Players!

at the last update i have increase trade rate by 50%

so you can gain more gold from the trades ,

have fun

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Donation Event.
Donation Event.

There is an ongoing donation event.

From tomorrow (Tuesday, 12th of May) til friday (16th of May)

The donations for Puresilk are double.

Skype: puresro2013

PureSRO Team

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New guards attack pets
New Guard Attack pets are added to Donate NPC

Pets Are :

- Wizard Guard (HP 250,000)

- Warrior Guard (HP 350,000)

- Archer Guard (HP 300,000)

If there any problems feel free to contact us.

skype : puresro2013

PureSRO Team

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New Job Kill System
Job Kill System

Introducing a new Job Kill system to have more FUN!

Now you gain Silks for each Job Kill you do while wearing your Job Suit!

With the Silks you can buy:

-New Avatars

-More will be added soon

If there are any problems feel free to contact us.

skype: puresro2013

PureSRO Team

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New Fortress War time is currently active.
New FTW Day

Due to new update, the Fortress War will be held on Mondays

Registration time: 4:00 6:00 PM GMT+2

Fortress War time: 7:30 9:00 PM GMT+2

This time is for people who cannot attend the Fortress War on Fridays.

If there are any problems feel free to contact us.

Skype : pureSRO2013

PureSRO Team

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Server state:
Server is currently Online
Players online:
PureSRO: 819 / 1000
Server info:
Client Version: 1.001
Exp Rate: 3.5x
Party Exp Rate: 3.8x
Gold Drop Rate: 5.5x
Drop Rate: 10x
Alchemy Rate: 1x