New update Patch 4.2.7

01.11.2016 11:10

Patch 4.2.7 New Avatars .. Have Fun

New Avatars

New Avatars

Ramadan Update

05.06.2016 17:59

Hello Guys :D
i have release new quest for Ramadan Month gift 

This quest you can find it at Event So-Ok Npc at jangan

This easy quest all you need to kill 200 mob at jangan monsters 

and back to Event So-Ok Npc and collect your reward

Happy Ramdan for all ISA:)


Job Temple reloaded

18.02.2016 16:06

Hello everyone :D

there is a new update 1.407

Job temple reloaded for BIG Fun

Now you can gain Arena, LC and JC Coins from Thereby quests and at unique(s) times, you can go and fight

for the big reward of arena coins


New riding pets

by job points, you can buy this new pets and we will add much soon isa




New Trade pets

03.09.2015 15:11

Hello Everyone !

i have made update for Trade System

i have add new Trade pets ( Jangan Stable )

its has more speed and hp

and i have edit trade items price for more fun

now thiefs will gain some nice gold from trades

and traders with hunters will get good amount of gold too

have fun

if there any problem you can call me on skype : puresro2013

Donate Event

15.07.2015 01:58

Donate event

Start at 17/7/2015 End at 20/7/2015

Event info :

x2 On PureSilk Donate

25% Discount on Plusing and Items Donate


Server Stats

  • PlayerOnline: 586 /1000
  • [GM] Online: 0 /1
  • Cap 130
  • EXP/SP 40x
  • PT Exp 60x
  • Gold/Drop 10x
  • Tradegoods Enabled
  • Magic-Pop Disabled
  • Alchemy Rate 2x
  • Max Weap Opt. +27 (with Adv.)
  • Max Set Opt. +22 (with Adv.)
  • Max Acc's Opt. +25 (with Adv.)

Lottery Winner

  • Day: 24/11/2016
  • Round: 17
  • Name: xxxXGNXxxx
  • Tickets he Pay: 5
  • Tickets he Won: 289 (x50B)


  • Time: 01:19:19
  • Fortress:
  • Register: Friday 07:00 - 19:00
  • CTF:



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